Mynah Bird: Bird Species Profile

If you desire a friendly, intelligent bird to discuss your house, after that the exotic mynah bird is the pet for you. Its own striking components and helpful individual create this bird a favorite with bird fanatics that think about the mynah among the greatest bird actors of human pep talk, second simply to the gray parrot.

Variety Overview
USUAL NAMES: Mynah bird, myna bird, mina bird, maina bird, typical mynah, hillside mynah, Indian mynah

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acridotheres tristis (typical mynah), Gracula religiosa (mountain mynah).

ADULT SIZE: 12 to 18 inches long.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 25 years.

Beginning as well as History.

Mynah birds happen coming from the Sturnidae or even starling family members of birds. In early Greece, the mynah bird was an aristocractic dog.

The word “mynah” comes from the Hindu word maina, and the Sanskrit phrase madana, which means “mirthful and wonderful.” In Indian literature, the bird possesses many titles, consisting of kalahapriya (one that likes arguments), chitranetra (attractive eyes), peetanetra (one with yellow eyes), and peetapaad (one along with yellow legs).

The two primary kinds of mynah birds kept as family pets are the mountain mynah and the popular mynah. The bird was a success as an insect awesome, however the areal popular mynah frequently changed indigenous birds and reduced their meals supply.


Mynah birds are actually energetic, social birds and possess incredibly outward bound individualities. As youthful birds, they are actually less complicated to tame and also learn to speak.

Younger birds conform easily to brand-new settings and also conditions. Reveal your new bird early to various people, featuring each sexual activities, various generation, and also new circumstances, such as car vacations, visits to the veterinarian, as well as viewing different areas of the house. A mynah bird often connects closest to the individual who gives it one of the most attention, carries out speech instruction, and also cleans up the crate and also nourishes.

Mynahs might assault much smaller birds. It’s best to maintain them split coming from mynah birds if you always keep additional than one bird selection.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Be actually readied for it to carry out even more than regular things you mention if you receive a mynah bird as a household pet. These birds have a broad and differed vocalization collection that features whistling, shrilling, and also various other sounds that are oddly human-sounding.

Hillside as well as typical mynahs are renowned for their ability to mimic the human voice. The crucial to educating your bird to speak is repeating as well as determination.

Mynah Bird Colors and Markings.

Capital mynah possesses a dark physical body, an orange-reddish expense, as well as yellow shoes as well as lower legs. Its own cousin, the typical mynah, possesses a dark-brown physical body with a dark head and neck, as well as a yellowish beak as well as shoes. The unusual as well as dwindling in numbers Bali mynah possesses a white colored physical body and also dark pointers on its airfoils as well as tail and possesses blue around its own eyes as well as a yellowish expense. Each sexes are actually monomorphic, which implies they counterpart. Apart from hereditary testing or finding which bird puts the eggs, there is no genuine trusted way to tell them apart.

Taking care of the Mynah Bird.

Mynah birds are really energetic as well as take pleasure in hopping around from perch to perch. They require a sizable crate; the minimum cage measurements for one mynah bird need to be actually 4 feet vast, 2 feet high, and also regarding 2 feet deeper.

Supply a home carton for the bird to sleep in. Maintain its own cage far from breezes as well as deal with the cage in the evening to avoid breezes. Also, perform certainly not place the crate near the kitchen space as mynahs feel to smoke and solid odors.

Mynah birds like to take bathtubs, thus provide a bowl or even food that is actually sizable good enough for all of them to sprinkle around in a married couple of ins of warm and comfortable water. Bathrooms help birds keep their tuft by getting rid of dust, dander, loose plumes, as well as bird termites, while likewise giving humidity.

Common Illness.

Mynahs have a proneness to establishing certain liver concerns and hemochromatosis or even iron storing condition. In mynah birds, hemochromatosis seems linked to higher diet iron intake. Properly take care of the quantity of iron you provide in the diet.

Diet regimen and also Nourishment.

In bush, capital mynah’s diet is actually mainly fruit product. The typical mynah is actually omnivorous, consuming fruit product, honey, as well as pests.

In captivity, feed your mynah bird household pet a softbill pellet mix that possesses 18 percent protein, 8 percent fat, and also a really little iron to help offset an illness caused by malabsorption of iron. Pellets must concern 50 percent of their diet.

You can give mature, wonderful fruit, apple, times, grapes, mangos, mango, papaya, orange, blueberry, pear, plum, as well as watermelon. Stay away from too many fruits considering that they have a lot of sugar. Do certainly not supply dried fruit products that are actually higher in iron, including raisins. Get rid of the seeds in fruit products; they may be actually toxic. Steer clear of offering environment-friendly veggies that are high in iron like greens, eco-friendly beans, delightful potatoes, and broccoli. Make certain vegetables and fruit products are actually cut into bite-sized pieces; mynahs do not eat their food items.

You can easily supplement their diet regimen with waxworms, mealworms, or even crickets. Mealworms should help make up at least 5% of the reproducing pair’s diet plan and also ought to be available for the mother to nourish the child birds if breeding your mynahs.

Usually of finger, begin by using your bird 1/4 cup of pellets and 1/4 cup of veggies and fruits daily. Improve the volume as required. Clear away the uneaten foods to prevent spoilage.

Mynahs ought to consistently possess accessibility to clean consuming water; distilled or filtered water is actually preferred.


Mynah birds need exercise as well as ought to be allowed away from their crate daily for at least a hr. Just before you let your bird away from their crate, ensure that you have finalized each of the doors and also home windows, shut off roof enthusiasts, and also remove other interior creatures.

Mynah birds take pleasure in playing with playthings, like represents, bells, container hats, and also various other little things. Toys will maintain all of them involved. Stay away from rope playthings considering that they can get caught in your bird’s tongue or even toenails.

Where to Embrace or Buy a Mynah Bird.

You are actually not very likely to find a mynah bird in your ordinary community pet retail store. Savings, adoption associations, and also dog breeders where you can easily discover mynah birds include:.

  • Embrace a Dog.
  • Softbills offer for sale.
  • Bird Dog breeders.

Indications to search for in a healthy bird feature very clear, bright eyes; well-maintained, smooth plumes; a good appetite; and also a active and curious predisposition. Steer clear of birds that have ejection from nose or even mouth, fluffed feathers for prolonged time frames, or birds that sit on the bottom of the crate. After purchasing your brand new bird, have it examined by your vet.

Mynah birds come from the Sturnidae or even starling household of birds. The bird was an excellence as a pest killer, yet the areal popular mynah regularly changed native birds as well as reduced their food items source.

Mynah birds are energetic, social birds and also have incredibly outgoing personalities. Baths aid birds maintain their tuft by taking out dirt, dander, loose plumes, and also bird termites, while likewise giving wetness. Guide crystal clear of birds that possess ejection coming from nostrils or even mouth, fluffed plumes for long term time frames, or birds that sit on the base of the crate.

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