Caique: Bird Species Profile

If you desire a bird that is actually lovely, intelligent, energetic, and incredibly engaging, a caique (obvious “kai-eke”) might be the bird for you. These vibrant little parrots pack a lot of character right into a little package of plumes, and they’re understood to be the mimes of the bird globe. Caiques have actually conveniently created an area on their own in the properties and also hearts of a great number of bird enthusiasts. A caique will be actually the ideal selection for a loved ones or individual that intends to keep a set of birds.

Kind Overview
USUAL NAMES: Black-headed caique, white-bellied caique, seven-color parrot, dance parrot, yellow-thighed caique

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pionites melanocephala (black-headed), Pionites leucogaster (white-bellied).

GROWNUP SIZE: 9 as well as 10 ins.

LIFE SPAN: 20 to 30 years.

Origin and also History.

In the wild, caiques contact home the locations of South America north of the Amazon. Their variation includes Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname. They additionally stay in aspect of Brazil and Venezuela.

This species delights in the bogs as well as tropical lowland woodlands. Commonly found in little groups of regarding 30 birds or even a set, they’re normally extremely social birds as well as are actually hardly ever alone. Words “caique” arises from the indigenous Tupi language from Brazil, indicating “aquatic bird.” These birds appreciate bath time.


Caiques are actually known for the sturdy bonds that they may develop with humans. They may be pretty caring as well as take pleasure in time participating in with a human friend or even simply resting along with all of them. They adore to present off and are actually not knowned as the “dance parrot” for nothing at all.

Caiques are actually playful, absurd little bit of birds that appreciate tasks and the opportunity to explore. Consistently on the road, they’re one of the best enthusiastic parrots and very curious, they misbehave. These birds can easily also end up being cranky at times and can easily catch or, in the least, find methods to utilize their beak when connecting along with people.

As pets, caiques usually do well alone or in sets, however be careful not to cage a caique with another varieties. They can easily become threatening and supply surprisingly rough nibbles.

Speech and Vocalizations.

Some caiques may discover to communicate a few terms, yet many like to adhere to “bird communicate.” You’ll appreciate their whistles and also songs along with the ecological noises they copy. They can acquire loud, they’re commonly understood for a mild sound degree with soothing noises in contrast to various other parrots. At times, they may emit calls that are actually piercing and really shrill. Just before devoting to this species, ensure their noise degree and also voice abilities are what you are looking for.

Caique Colors and Markings.

The taggings of a caique stand out; they possess more of a color-blocked look. Their scalps, bellies, upper legs, and segments usually tend to become an unique colour from other body sacrifice few inclines between the different colors. The black-headed as well as white-bellied caiques are the best popular shade array.

Black-headed caiques possess mainly dark heads with orange or even yellow jowls and a green touch under their eyes. They are likewise named the seven-color parrot.

Subspecies of the white-bellied caique, specifically the yellow-tailed and yellow-thighed caiques, are actually ending up being well-known.

Taking care of Caiques.

Caiques must get normal, booked play. Shower this bird with bunches of good communication. They are usually capable to delight themselves for quick time periods, creating all of them an excellent option for operating bird owners.

They are actually likewise pretty little, which makes all of them striking to those that live in apartments and also houses. Even with their tiny measurements, caiques are going to carry out best in a small aviary or even large cage.

Since they are smart, they also make respectable houdini. Guarantee their crate is durable as well as can maintain these crafty birds secure. A wrought-iron crate is best because they commonly attempt to chew the bars.

Provide this bird a showering meal along with clean water on a daily basis. They are extremely fond of wallowing in the water.

Common Health Problems.

Caiques are usually well-balanced birds. As well as, you can get an annual booster to aid keep your bird well-balanced if your animal bird will certainly come all over other birds in their home setting.

Diet regimen and also Nutrition.

In the untamed, caiques eat seeds, berries, and fruit product. As with all bird varieties, well-maintained, clean drinking water must be helped make readily available at all times.

Leafed environment-friendly vegetables like Swiss chard, watercress, cabbage, or kale veggies are nutritious additions to their diet plan. Clean fruit creates a fantastic covering for the veggies. A dash of well-balanced seed like chia seed here and there is great however avoid an all-seed diet plan, which carries out not fulfill their vitamin and mineral requirements.

Scale back the amount you offer your bird based on the amount of meals consumed. If the bird eats whatever, you can easily give a 2nd feeding a couple of hours just before bedtime. Always keep an eye on your parrot’s body weight.

Physical exercise.

Caiques are active little bit of birds and are actually one-of-a-kind in that they seem to be to choose to stroll extra often than soar. Caiques appreciate floor opportunity as well as you will appreciate viewing them on the floor or even any sizable standard surface area.

A caique ought to be offered a minimum of 1 hour outside the crate every day to jump around as well as exercise its own tough leg muscles and posture of administered checking out in a bird-safe area. To protect the room, turn of ceiling fans, close all doors as well as windows, cover the hearth, and also take out all other dogs and toxic plants.

As busybodies, these birds need to have a lot of stimulating playthings. It might spend some time to discover your bird’s favorite playthings. They may be persistent as well as somewhat finicky concerning their things. Leisure likewise aids the bird wear down its own beak, which assists keep it shipshape. Revolve toys as well as divisions consistently as they come to be worn.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Caique.

If you can easily see their birds, get in touch with a parrot fostering or even rescue agency that has caiques and talk to. Finding some of these parrots in its own residence atmosphere will definitely offer you a fair bit of understanding in to what it’s like to deal with one.

Dog breeders sell caiques in the stable of $1,000 to $2,000. Savings, adoption organizations, and dog breeders where you may discover caiques consist of:.

  • Adopt a Pet.
  • Birds Now.
  • The Gabriel Foundation.

If you are taking into consideration a bird breeder, ensure you talk to the breeder, examine the basic health of their birds, take a look at their living situations, and speak with past consumers. Indicators you must stay clear of the breeder feature cramped living health conditions, non-active birds, as well as breeders that avoid your inquiries or even carry out not seem to be to possess a lot relevant information on their birds.

If you prefer a bird that is lovely, intelligent, energetic, and also incredibly enjoyable, a caique (obvious “kai-eke”) may be actually the bird for you. Caiques have actually easily brought in an area for on their own in the homes as well as hearts of many bird fanatics. A caique will be the appropriate selection for a loved ones or individual that prefers to keep a set of birds.

Often located in little flocks of regarding 30 birds or even a pair, they’re naturally quite social birds and are actually hardly ever alone. As well as, you can easily get an annual booster to assist maintain your bird healthy and balanced if your family pet bird will definitely come across various other birds in their home setting.